About Us

Let's tackle your diverse business needs!

Who We Are

At Sarah Tsai Consulting we connect companies with expert consultants to deliver business solutions that solve problems, drive growth, and expand efficiencies.

For each business problem we tackle, we create the right framework, process, and strategic approach to meet our client’s specific needs. We then build a customized workbench for agile execution by leveraging our global network of specialized experts, vendors, and resources.

Our interdisciplinary team of expert consultants can work with you as an extended arm of your internal team, independently, or in a hybrid approach that best fits your needs.

What We Do

Businesses come to us with strategic problems and challenges that need to be solved quickly. By leveraging my global interdisciplinary team of experts and the right resources, we create and execute framework that achieve these solutions. My global interdisciplinary team of consultants are experts in staff augmentation, global manufacturing and sourcing, IT, machine learning and AI, innovation management, and digital marketing. Our agile approach allows us to tackle diverse business needs as an extended arm of your team or as an ad-hoc solutions creator.

How We Do It

1. Deep Dive Into Your Business

We first undertake a discovery session to cultivate a deep understanding of your business, goals, problems, processes, and team. We’ll also loop in the expert(s) who have the credentials and experience to successfully manage your project. This foundational step sets us up for a successful project that meets your goals. During our deep dive, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your business including:

  • Clarifying your business goals and problems
  • Auditing your brand and messaging
  • Mining data to discover insights and opportunities
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Value proposition analysis
  • Target audience analysis and persona development
  • Establish KPI measures to evaluate success and make improvements

2. Create Your Framework for Success 

A strategy is just text on paper without the right tactics, people, and resources to turn it into a reality. Following our discovery session with you, we’ll create a framework for your success that includes:

  • Providing you expert consultant(s) specialized in your field and context
  • Creating strategic approach with tactics milestones and timelines to achieve objectives 
  • Sourcing the right vendors to turn your vision into reality
  • Evaluation metrics.

3. Implementation

It’s time to turn our innovative strategies into action! Whether or not you engage with us as an extension of your internal team or as ad-hoc support, we’re here to launch and manage your strategic framework successfully. We’ll work with you every step of the way as we work through the plan we established earlier.

4. Analyze & Adapt

You’ve heard the phrase, “Show me the money!” right? Well in this rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, data is just as important. 

But we don’t just collect data data for data’s sake. Our performance measures are aligned with the KPIs that matter the most to your business. 

As an agile team, we’ll continually collect data while updating you on new insights. We then take these insights and apply them by adapting our strategy to reach optimal impact and ROI.

Our Values

Our team is guided by 5 values that demonstrate what we do and why we do it. Both internally and externally. Our values represent our mission, vision, and worldview with an emphasis on quality, creativity, honesty, and respect.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

The future of work is here and industry is struggling to keep up. We are committed to growing our interdisciplinary team of expert consultants to tackle business problems in our globalized and digital world.

Speed & Agility

Businesses come to us because they have goals or problems that need to be solved ASAP. We work swiftly with diligence to deliver business solutions to our clients. Through our flexible workbench of experts, we can quickly adapt and pivot to maximize results.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are a global multicultural team that works with diverse companies around the globe. As a Certified Woman Owned Business, we value and champion diversity in background and experience.

Respect & Honesty

First and foremost, be human. People matter and must be valued. We’re here to be your partner. Honest and timely communication is critical to our philosophy. Integrity guides our decision making.

Fun Confidence

We love what we do and we’re proud of it! Our team has unstoppable intellect and we have enough successful experience to know that we produce mind blowing results. However, we’re not full of ourselves. We’re a humble and humorous bunch that loves to have fun with the people we work with while being rainmakers for our clients.

Why Us

We provide the results that our clients need for a fair price. We mold our agile workbench of experts to fit your specific needs. Each of our experts have extensive experience in their fields with a solid track record of creating game changing results for the clients they’ve worked with. Your goals are our goals. We’re going to be with you every step of the way in our journey together - either as extended members of your team or as ad-hoc support.

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