Rapid Deployment of E-Commerce Platform

Daigou is an emerging form of cross-border exporting in which an individual or a syndicated group of exporters outside China purchases commodities for customers in China. Client is looking to foster a social community that can become brand ambassadors to drive sales and word of mouth marketing through Wechat platform.

Challenge: Client was unable to find a suitable creative agency that can service and implement their vision.

Solution: We very quickly researched and developed methodologies that would accommodate the following:

  • Design the mechanism of the community communication strategy
  • Manage and monitor the daily contents activities within the community
  • Produce content to engage users and create brand awareness
  • Summarize insights into multi-lingual reports to track activities in each group down to the individual Daigou level


  1. We drove both brand conversation and sales lift within 3 months of deploying the digital marketing strategy.
  2. Delivered a full-service solution – we recruited and built a team in China to manage and execute the project across multiple major Chinese cities.
  3. Client continues to implement and grow the network that we built beyond 2020

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