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Our Services

Our experts will take your business to the next level with the following services: 

Staff Augmentation

Need to optimize your team to achieve your next big goal or to improve efficiencies within your business? We have you covered. Our Staff Augmentation experts can help your business build and refine your team that will achieve the success you’re looking for.

Global Manufacturing & Sourcing

The world is now at our fingertips full of endless potential. We help clients identify areas opportunities for improvement in their pricing structure, efficiency in getting their products to market, and product design for manufacturability in areas of:
• Efficiency and cost reduction
• Vendor consolidation
• Product engineering

Information Technology

It’s no secret that technology enables businesses to expand and reach their potential. Our IT experts can improve and build new IT systems, apps, data management tools, websites, and workflows that will allow you to focus more on growing your business.

Machine Learning & AI

We’ve all heard the growing chatter about machine learning and artificial intelligence, but people aren’t fully grasping its potential. That’s where we come in. Our machine learning and AI experts can help your company understand more about its operations and customers, increase automation efficiencies, and better connect with customers.

Many companies struggle to develop to realize the value of machine learning and AI at scale. Our machine learning and AI experts utilize data science and implementation roadmaps to help clients remove barriers of machine learning and AI adoption in their business. Be an early adopter to the incoming new world of machine learning and AI before your competitors do.

Innovation Management

Innovators are the ones who lead. Why not you? We’ll help you bring your new idea to life.

Companies need to either stay ahead of the game or risk being decimated by competition. Ask Tom from Myspace about it.

We help companies bring their new ideas to life. Our innovation management experts will guide your company through the entire product-to-market process including:
• Ideation
• Concept and prototype modelling
• Market research and validation

• Product development and testing
• Deployment
• Testing and adaptation

Digital & Content Marketing

Your customers are online. Your customers consume content that’s valuable to them. That number will only continue to rise, especially in the ever evolving realm of mobile technology.

We’ll first create a digital and content marketing strategy that’s aligned with your strategic business goals. We’ll then create and deliver captivating content and digital ads to your precise audience to maximize conversions. Lock in the insanely high ROI you’ve been searching for.

Our digital and content marketing services include:
• Digital Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Inbound Marketing and Sales
• Promotional Strategy
• Social Media Content
• Social media Advertising

• Search Engine Optimization – SEO
• Search Engine Marketing – SEM (Google Ads)
• Website Development and Design
• Email Marketing
• Content and Design Creation + Editing

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