Meet Sarah Tsai

Sarah thrives on working with people. She enjoys building deep relationships with her clients as they navigate their journey together.

Sarah’s Background

Sarah has led innovative projects around the world. Sarah launched her career by working with the British Government in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office based in Taipei to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the relations between Taiwan and China from a local perspective.

Following her foreign service work in Taiwan, Sarah’s career crossed industries and countries as a consultant. 

She was one of the founding members of an Open Innovation consultancy called 4iNNO. 

She led innovation projects (billion dollar growth studios) that aimed to deliver transformational new product platforms that drive major, top-line growth for companies like Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Pepsico to name a few. 

Sarah has worked with Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. She is capable of leading interdisciplinary teams to work on  large-scale innovative projects as well as serve medium and small businesses with fast turn around solutions.

Sarah’s Philosophy


Other people say it. Sarah actually practices it. She provides the best experts, resources, and vendors for her clients. Each expert is vetted to ensure their skills and expertise are the right fit for your needs.

Futurism, Innovation, Pioneering

These are all buzzwords we hear in the business world, but Sarah injects this into all her projects. Sarah deploys new ways of achieving solutions to allow your business to disrupt the status quo. She prepares your business for opportunities or risks that may arise in the future.

Keep an Open Mind

In both business and in her personal life, Sarah keeps an open mind to explore different perspectives and new ways of getting things done. In order to be innovative, Sarah believes that we need to challenge the status quo and examine new ideas. The magic starts to happen by bringing in diverse groups of people together while leading thought-provoking discussions.

Handle It

Sarah’s clients have goals and problems, and they need help now. She understands this urgency and the investment her clients are making. Sarah will get the job done the right way, on budget, and on time. As Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington famously said in the ABC hit series Scandal, “It’s handled.”

Working With Sarah

Sarah is a proactive self-starter with a fantastic attitude. She’s an unstoppable force in producing great results for businesses. Sarah absorbs herself into her clients’ businesses to fully understand their goals, problems, processes, resources, team, and culture. Because of her extensive and diverse consulting experience, Sarah is able to quickly bring in the right experts, resources, and vendors to get the job done right and on time. 

Sarah thrives on working with people.  She enjoys building deep relationships with her clients as they navigate their journey together. 

When working with Sarah, you can expect her to:

Immerse herself into your business
Proactively ask the right questions to fully understand your business and goals
Timely communication and follow-ups alongside rapid responses to your inquiries
Be enthusiastic about your business and getting to know your team. Don’t be surprised if she makes the room erupt in laughter from time-to-time.

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